Daughters Of Veronica in Eucharistic Stewardship


“Your face, O Lord, will I seek; hide not your Face from me. Psalm 26: 8-9 ✟



We welcome you to the DOVES place of prayer and catechesis.

On July 12, 2010, on the Feast of Saint Veronica,

the DOVES ministry began with our parish priests,

sacristans, mothers and daughters.

Together we share in the life of prayer, catechesis and stewardship,

fostering Eucharistic devotion, while serving in the sacristan ministry.

We invite you to explore each prayerful page,

and pray with us as we offer prayers before each Mass for our parish family

and daily for our parish priests.

If you are a mother and daughter interested in becoming a part of the DOVES ministry, the way to begin is by coming to our First Saturday Adoration each  month.

This ministry is consecrated to our Lady under the patronage of Saint Veronica.


Pope John Paul II Releasing Dove; Image by © Reuters/CORBIS 1985

“Close your eyes

and imagine being there on Calvary

as the Lord is making His way to die.

Imagine that up until that time,

you were always finding ways

to travel with Him, to listen to His teaching,

to serve Him as He cured the sick

and loved everyone who sought Him. 

He was your dearest friend and you loved Him.

In one moment, you had one last chance to say goodbye. 

Your love and grief were so strong you were compelled to go to Him. 

You offer Him the comfort of your cloth veil. 

And then, He is gone. 

You return to your home so sad. 

You look at your veil and see His face. 

It is in that moment,

you come to know,

He loved you back. 

This veil is your keepsake of His love. “

‘Keepsake’  by Sharon and Marianna Willoughby  

†Mothers  and Daughters†